Experience Validic’s platform-approach to accessing and managing personal health data. With a seamless integration into your user experience or workflow, Validic enhances your solution’s existing capabilities with the comprehensive tools to make data actionable.


Validic’s health data platform, Inform, streams personal health data seamlessly and simply into your system. Inform provides secure access to data from over 530 in-home medical devices, wearables, and consumer health applications. With the ability to set rules and triggers, Inform helps your team elevate critical data and better manage program adherence.

Inform is a secure, cloud-based platform to manage the access and integration of your populations’ personal health data.


Built on Validic’s core platform, Impact offers a seamless solution to enable remote monitoring capabilities for existing clinical and care management systems. Impact provides the dashboards, rules engine, and enrollment flows needed to manage any chronic and post-acute condition from a single, lightweight platform.

Impact integrates directly with your existing clinical workflows, augmenting the functionality of your embedded systems and services to make remote care more efficient and effective.

Data Sources by Application

Validic’s cloud-based platform and mobile libraries integrate seamlessly behind the scenes to fit the personalized needs of your solution and population.

Wearables & Connected Fitness

Integrate routine and activity data from consumer activity trackers, smartwatches, and connected cardio equipment.

Data Includes: Exercise intensity, activity distance, duration, calories burned, water intake, REM sleep, times woken, resting heart rate, and so on.

Data Partners Include:

fitbit Garmin  Misfit  Polar   WITHINGS  
Clinical In-Home Medical Devices

Includes biometric data from blood pressure monitors, blood glucose meters, heart rate monitors, connected scales, prescription compliance devices, pulse oximeters, sleep trackers, spirometers, and thermometers.

Data Includes: Weight, fat percent, insulin, blood glucose, relationship to meal, hba1c, temperature, resting heart rate, diastolic, systolic, white cell count, vitamin B12, vitamin D, folic acid, zinc, and so on.

Data Partners Include:

A&D Bayer Accu-chek Abbott  Nonin iHealth BodyTrace Omron Qardio WITHINGS
Consumer Health Applications

Built-in nutrition, fitness, and sleep data from nutrition apps, activity tracking apps, sport apps, food tracking apps, and wellness apps.

Data Includes: Exercise intensity, activity distance, duration, calories burned, calories consumed, water intake, sodium intake, carbohydrate intake, meal, and so on.

Data Partners Include:

   Pear Sports  MapMyFitness  MyFitnessPal 
Health Data Aggregators

Utilize personal health dashboards on consumer smartphones to capture activity, sleep, nutrition, routine, biometrics, and weight data.

Data Includes: Heart rate, calories burned, blood pressure, blood sugar, steps, activity type, distance traveled, deep sleep, cholesterol, calories consumed, and so on.

Data Partners Include:

Vitals Kiosks and Lab Diagnostics

Includes medication adherence data and lab test results for a complete and holistic view of a person’s health. 

Data Includes: Temperature, white blood cell count, testosterone levels, total cholesterol, resting heart rate, vitamin levels, pulse, blood pressure, weight, and so on.

Data Partners Include:

Higi Station 
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