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Validic makes it simple to collect data from best-in-class mobile health apps and devices. Learn more.

Fitbit, Withings, Nike Plus, BodyMedia, RunKeeper, Garmin
FatSecret, iHealth, Fleetly, MapMyFitness, Fitbug, Moves, Omron

Validic delivers validated data from these apps and more! View the complete list

What’s Your mHealth Strategy?

There are currently 97,000 mobile health apps in 62 app stores, and the top 10 apps alone generate 4.3 million downloads each day.1 Mobile health is exciting, but can be equally overwhelming.

Validic Simplifies Mobile Health for You.

Validic collects data from the most popular mHealth apps, wearables and in-home medical devices, and turns it into a single, actionable data stream for your system. We handle vendor relationships, adding new apps, fixing bugs, and making sure the data is correct before it gets to your system, which allows your team to focus on your core product and strategic decisions.

Connecting with Validic is easy because we standardize data from all mobile health app vendors. Validic also eliminates concerns regarding the transfer of protected health information (PHI), as all data stored in and transferred through Validic follows the HIPAA “Safe Harbor” de-identification standard.

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1 Global Mobile Health Market Report 2013-2017 by Research2Guidance.

67% of smartphone owners use mHealth technologies.

Are you losing valuable health data?

If your system does not collect data from a comprehensive suite of mobile health apps and devices, it’s likely that you are missing out on health activities your members are logging. Activities such walking, monitoring blood glucose levels, tracking weight, or logging calories.

Validic makes data loss a thing of the past. Learn more.

67% of smartphone owners use mHealth technologies. Source: 2011 Cybercitizen Health® U.S. by Manhattan Research.

Validic Works for:

Wellness Companies

Your system delivers the right combination of programming and motivation, but you may be missing out on reporting everyday activities. Let us show you why we think your wellness program is more engaging than even you think it is.

Healthcare Providers

Mobile health opens new doors for remote patient monitoring and preventive healthcare. Validic helps you easily connect your patients with a world of preventive health and monitoring devices. So they get better, while you watch.


Clinical trials live and die based on clean field data and self-reported honesty. Validic collects remote validated data and automatically returns it to your system, so you can know if participants are participating to the full extent.

Health Plans

Monitoring medication and preventive wellness adherence of individuals is a costly yet necessary practice. Save time and money with mobile health data from Validic. Your coaches and nurses will know which lives need interventions and when.

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