Igniting a Digital Health Revolution

Validic®’s innovative and experienced professionals are bringing together their expertise and passion to assemble to world’s most sophisticated health data platform.


“improve the quality of human
life by making personal data actionable.”

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Since 2010, Validic has connected millions of people around the world with their healthcare and wellness programs. Our innovative and internationally-recognized digital health solutions combined with our enterprise technical support and broad industry expertise provide our clients of emerging and established companies with the access to health data they need. Our client’s results and experiences speak for themselves.

Our People and Our Culture

Validic brings together experience and expertise from across the healthcare and technology to cultivate the world’s most sophisticated health data solutions and team.

Our team of executives and professionals have joined Validic from some of the most innovative and established companies in the space, including Change Healthcare, Cerner, the Advisory Board, Optum, Cenduit, and IBM.

With a singular focus and drive to improve the efficiency, affordability, and accessibility of healthcare, Validic is committed to creating a partner-centric Ecosystem in which device manufacturers and healthcare companies can make the connections they need to best serve their populations.

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Our leadership team

Drew Schiller

Drew Schiller

CEO & Co-Founder

Drew Schiller TwitterDrew Schiller LinkedIn
Drew Schiller

Brian Carter

Chief Operating Officer

Brian Carter LinkedIn

John Jepsen

Chief Financial Officer

Ashley Needham LinkedIn
Drew Schiller


Chief Commercial Officer

Jill Morse LinkedIn
Drew Schiller

Jill Morse

VP, People and Places

John George TwitterBen Clark LinkedIn


VP, Sales
Ashley Needham LinkedIn


VP, Marketing

Ashley Needham TwitterAshley Needham LinkedIn

Frank Rydzewski

VP, Product

Ben Clark LinkedIn

– Validic Board of Directors –

Russ Richmond


Drew Schiller

CEO, Validic

Chris Stenzel

KP Ventures

Cody Nystrom

SJF Ventures

Marc Willard

Independent Director

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