What The V?!

There has been a lot of exciting news surrounding Validic lately. The company has been featured in national publications as an innovator, influencer and disruptor; its executives are being asked to speak at healthcare and technology events around the world; Fortune 1000 companies are becoming clients and partners of Validic; and, it has received some major industry validation.

Validic has been:

  • Featured in Forbes as one of Top 10 Innovating Disruptors changing Healthcare
  • Recognized by Gartner as a “Cool Vendor” in Healthcare innovation
  • Invested in by Kaiser Permanente Ventures – which the market received as “an important seal of approval in healthcare circles”
  • Recognized as a Top 10 Digital Health Industry Brand & Influencer by Onalytica
  • Awarded Frost & Sullivan’s Best Practices Global Healthcare Information Interoperability Customer Value Leadership award

From Frost & Sullivan’s mHealth industry report: “On analysis of the market landscape for healthcare interoperability solutions, Validic clearly stood out as generating the best value. One of the things setting Validic apart is the company’s focus on customers throughout the entire process. Furthermore, Validic’s mHealth interoperability platform is a unique technological solution with a quick deployment time of a few hours, and is 90 percent cheaper than a healthcare company trying to build a comparable mHealth solution internally. Validic is a great value to healthcare companies looking to accelerate their digital health business strategies.”

So, with all of this growth, these market accolades and the proven success of the company, people have been asking: 

“What the heck is going on at Validic?” 
“How are they growing so fast?” 

Well, Validic says it’s not as much “WTF?!” but more “What The V?!”

The direction is clear. Patients are taking a greater interest in their health, whether it is by paying closer attention to their diet, tracking their vital signs or self-managing a chronic disease. A Pew Research Study found that seven out of 10 U.S. adults now track their health in some way.

Health professionals have been encouraging these new behaviors, and when the information can be acted on, the changes are positive for both the patient and clinician. But too often, valuable patient-generated data does not reach healthcare providers because disparate systems are not communicating with one another. In fact, Pew Research additionally found that only one out of 10 patients who gather personal health data are sharing it with their physician.

So, in a world where consumers are compelled to share every minute detail of his or her life, do we actually have a sharing problem? Clearly not.

So, “What the V?!”

The industry has a data access problem, and acknowledges the issue. Validic is addressing this challenge for healthcare organizations by delivering actionable patient-generated data into the healthcare system. Validic sits in the middle of this healthcare technology ecosystem powering the connection between healthcare companies – like providers, pharma, health IT, wellness and payers – and digital health technologies and devices – such as connected blood pressure cuffs and blood glucose meters, wearables and smartwatches, wellness applications and fitness equipment.

Validic has the vision to see and act on where the technology and healthcare markets are moving, and where they are converging. Validic continues its commitment to building a marketplace of clinical devices and applications for healthcare companies to access.

A Lux Research report cited that clinical mobile devices would surpass consumer fitness devices and grow by almost 50% over the next ten years. And, as providers move toward telemedicine, virtual visits and remote patient monitoring, there is an increased demand for verified, HIPAA-compliant patient data from a wide variety of mobile clinical sources. All of these factors have led Validic to rapidly expand its access to clinical and in-home devices, specifically those FDA-approved or seeking approval.

Mobile clinical technology is quickly advancing; and, health systems are no longer dependent on self-reported patient data. These more sophisticated devices now provide real-time and verified health data directly to physicians, payers, clinical trial researchers and hospital clinicians. This is all contributing to a larger, coming revolution in healthcare. There is more incentive than ever before for the lagging healthcare industry to ramp up investments in technology and data to better manage their populations, improve patient outcomes and engagement strategies, and reduce per capita costs.

This is why Validic connects to so many types of clinical devices and apps, such as blood glucose meters, blood pressure monitors and cuffs, connected scales, wearables, fitness equipment, sunlight monitors, posture and breath monitors, nutrition and fitness applications, smartwatches, heart rate monitors, spirometers, and medication adherence platforms.

Currently, Validic integrates over 200 in-home clinical and mobile health devices and applications. Integration partners include Fitbit, Withings, Jawbone, Omron, Misfit, Adidas, A&D Medical, Qardio, Fitlinxx, LifeFitness and many more. The company also recently announced an integration to Apple Health.

Validic has experienced a surge in growth of new customers over the past several months, as healthcare companies begin to advance on their mobile strategies. These companies range from small, innovative start-ups to emerging mid-market companies to larger enterprise organizations — each are seeing proven success with Validic. These healthcare companies are utilizing Validic’s digital health platform to access patient-generated data to better remote patient monitoring programs, improve incentivizing wellness initiatives, launch analytics programs to reduce readmissions and develop software for chronic disease management. Some of Validic’s recently announced clients include Cerner, WebMD, MEDITECH, The Vitality Group, Medidata, Intersystems and Alere. Validic’s mission is to empower innovators to improve health outcomes and to reduce costs.

Validic also has a number of research partnerships with universities developing programs and technologies focused on improving patient’s health and wellbeing. UCSF BRAiN-M is launching a clinical trial focused using activity trackers to test effects of migraine drugs on patient’s activity levels. UNC – Chapel Hill is using the Validic technology to build a community platform for Crohn’s and Colitis patients to help them better understand lifestyle commonalities and treatment options.

Validic has become a proven success in helping healthcare companies bridging the digital health divide. Having humbly built one of the most extensive marketplaces of health applications and devices, Validic is determined to connect the entire digital health ecosystem to the healthcare industry. Validic repeatedly interjects three core principles into our business relationships: Vision, Velocity and Value.

Vision — Validic understands the magnitude and reality of the transformation occurring in healthcare — from the perspective of both developers and healthcare executives. Validic is executing on healthcare interoperability by delivering a comprehensive data solution that addresses the diverse needs of healthcare companies from a business and technical view. The company listens to its clients and understands where they are trying to go and what they are trying to accomplish.

Velocity — Validic is built for simple and quick deployment to any size organization. With the current speed of innovation in digital health, Validic is continuously developing new relationships with consumer and clinical technologies to provide healthcare organizations with a comprehensive suite of applications and devices for their patient populations. Through their industry-leading, digital health platform, Validic enables its clients to stay ahead of the innovation curve.

Value — Validic’s value has been proven in the success of healthcare providers, health plans, wellness companies and healthcare technology organizations that have leveraged the platform to accelerate their business objectives. Validic delivers a simple, convenient, reliable and affordable solution to fully address its clients’ needs today, while positioning them to thrive in tomorrow’s healthcare landscape. Top-industry clients and healthcare executives have consistently reiterated the value of Validic.

Validic is trusted with a client patient population of over 160 million people in 47 countries around the world, and continues to expand and grow daily. Validic will continue to operate “behind the scenes” to help its clients thrive in this industry transformation. As the industry’s leading digital health data, cloud-based platform, Validic is in a unique position with its clinical, fitness and wellness partners to continue powering the digital health ecosystem.

What the V?!

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