Validic offers end-to-end or behind-the-scenes mobile solutions that allow you to offer your members an engaging and dynamic digital health experience

build your own user experience with mobile libraries 

Validic’s Mobile Libraries embed directly into your native mobile experiences.

With a few lines of code, Validic’s mobile Software Developer Kits (SDKs) integrate device connections and personal health data directly into your mobile application. Supporting both Android and iOS applications, Validic’s SDKs allow you to passively collect data from Bluetooth® Smart devices, Platform aggregators like Apple Health and Google fit, and non-connected medical devices like those off-the-shelf at retail pharmacies. 



Validic provides access to passively-collected data from dozens of in-home medical devices – such as blood pressure cuffs, bodyweight scales, thermometers, and heart rate monitors – via Bluetooth Low Energy connections. The mobile library for Bluetooth connections can be embedded into an organization’s native mobile iOS and Android applications. A mobile experience is required for access to data from Bluetooth devices through the Validic Inform and Impact platforms.

platform aggregators

Validic provides access to the data captured by Apple Health and Google Fit. Validic standardizes and normalizes the data from these services to an easily digestible format to ensure organizations receive a consistent data model regardless of the source. Connecting to both aggregators allows Validic’s clients to capture and integrate personal health data from their population no matter of the smartphone they use.


Validic’s patented Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology provides easy access to data from non-connected devices, such as off-the-shelf blood glucose meters that do not have an API, Bluetooth connection, or means to download/upload the data in a digital format. Using the camera on a smartphone, VitalSnap® captures and records information from device’s display screen – digitizing and uploading the data in real-time to the Validic API. This capture-and-digitize technology can be embedded in any native mobile app.


Validic’s mobile libraries require the integration of the Validic Inform platform. Learn more about the nearly 500 device and app connections you can integrate into your program with Validic Inform.


Your all-in member experiEnce

The HealthBridge app – available on the Apple App Store and Google Play store – provides a dynamic experience for users to connect their devices, track their progress, and share their data as part of the remote monitoring program.

With HealthBridge Express, a custom kit is sent to the member's home, complete with a pre-provisioned tablet and pre-connected home-use medical devices. The program is ready to go, out of the box. 

The HealthBridge app serves as the member experience for Validic Impact remote patient monitoring solution. The app allows members to easily participate in their condition management program. They can connect their home-use, Bluetooth® medical devices, review their device readings, and stay connected to their program provider. With the Express feature, custom device kits are sent to members’ homes with HealthBridge pre-loaded on the tablet. The devices are pre-paired and ready to use with the program. 

As new data are generated on a member’s health device(s), the readings are passively uploaded to the HealthBridge app and automatically shared with the healthcare provider in their Validic Impact instance.

The member’s data is made available in near real-time – within the app and Impact clinical dashboard – triggering relevant alerts and notifications for the care team.

This allows clinicians teams to have near ongoing visibility into a person’s health status for more timely interventions and personalized treatments or behavioral recommendations.

For members, HealthBridge offers the needed dashboards to help participants see, at-a-glance, how they are doing compared to their program’s goals, how their data trends overtime, and how various life-events may affect a certain day’s results.

With the powerful insight delivered by HealthBridge and Validic Impact, both care teams and patients can make data-driven, informed decisions about treatment adjustments, lifestyle recommendations, and care plan design.

Learn more about how you can launch, scale and integrate RPM functionality into your virtual care and care management programs with HealthBridge and Validic Impact.

Find out how an EHR-integrated personalized care solution can help your clinicians and patients.

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