Why Validic







Even with our robust and continuously expanding ecosystem, Validic maintains a singular focus: to deliver quick and simple access to digital health data enabling our clients to better manage and engage their populations, improve outcomes and reduce costs. Here are some of the ways Validic works to best serve our clients’ interests and objectives.

  • Validic Keeps You in Control. It is your portal and they are your customers. You are in control of the data submitted to your system, as well as your users. We seamlessly integrate into your existing portal or application. This means your end users will not be aware of Validic’s role in delivering their data to your system.
  • Validic Has Quick Deployment. Make the most of your time. Validic can be deployed in hours, not months or years. With one simple connection to Validic, you can immediately access mobile health data from millions of end users.
  • Validic is Easy to Use. We handle all vendor relations, third-party terms and conditions, updating and maintaining integrations, and verifying data accuracy before it becomes available to your system. You simply connect to Validic to obtain the packaged patient data.
  • Validic Delivers Standardized Data. Developers and healthcare companies rarely speak the same language. Validic represents all data brought into our system in a uniform format with standardized units.
  • Validic Gives You Options. We maintain and continue to develop relationships with the most innovative digital health companies. Validic is “device and platform agnostic,” so you may connect to as many or as few devices as you want.
  • Validic Knows Security. Validic eliminates concerns regarding the transfer of protected health information (PHI). Additionally, We follow HIPAA compliance guidelines and have multiple physically-hosted, secure data centers.Validic has certified to the US-EU and US-Swiss ‘Safe Harbor’ standards to ensure safe transfer of personal data.
  • Validic Delivers Support. Our technical team works closely with your developers throughout the integration process. Our implementation roadmap and operations specialists will drive your success in connecting.
  • Validic Enables Freedom. Validic handles the technical work, so you are free to allocate valuable resources towards your primary initiatives. We package and deliver clean, standardized, error-free digital health data to your system, so you can focus on the user experience.
  • Validic Creates Value. Validic saves you 90% or more per year when compared to the cost of building a comparable system. As well as associated costs from continuous technical maintenance of integrations.
  • Validic is Focused. As the healthcare industry’s premier technology platform, Validic’s sole focus is to help companies overcome digital health integration challenges with one, quick deployment solution.


Our Integrations

Validic boasts one of the most extensive and diverse marketplaces for consumer and clinical digital health technologies. Our continuously expanding and comprehensive ecosystem is ready to deploy when you need it. Validic’s integrations range from the most popular fitness wearables and smart bands to the most innovative clinical devices and healthcare applications. We are in-tune with the market and continuously in conversations with app and device manufacturers to provide our clients with a robust marketplace of options. Additionally, our future integration roadmap is heavily customer driven. As our clients hear from their end-users and patient populations what applications and devices are being used, we will work to get them integrated into the Validic Ecosystem. View the list below for a sample of our integration partners.



























Our Ecosystem

The Validic Ecosystem is comprised of healthcare companies – such as payers, providers, health information technology platforms, wellness companies, health clubs, consultants, hospital systems and pharmaceutical companies – as well as digital health technologies, including clinical and remote-monitoring devices, sensors and wearables, fitness equipment, and patient healthcare applications. Clinical researchers and universities are also contributing to and benefiting from this ecosystem. The Validic Ecosystem provides a dynamic marketplace which cultivates active partnerships and engagement between healthcare companies and digital health technology developers. This ecosystem ensures an app or device is truly connected to the larger healthcare landscape while providing healthcare companies with the technology they need to accelerate the deployment, and value, of their strategic initiatives.


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