As one of the few healthcare companies offering a streaming API, Validic™ ensures the most efficient means to accessing continuous, near real-time data for our clients – meaning innovation, scalability, and security are at the forefront of our priorities.

Validic Inform provides the most comprehensive access to PGHD available to the market. But, if you are still wondering, why Validic Inform? Then, let us break down the top four reasons why this next-generation technology is a game changer for the healthcare industry:

1. Scale – Experience the seamless integration of personal health data without the need to build one-off connections to devices and apps. Validic is the only platform on the market that offers the ability to scale the number of connected users on your system. Our behind-the-scenes platform supports hundreds of millions of connected users today and processes billions of data transactions per month – meaning we can grow with you and support your data needs now and in the future.

2. Streaming – Launch and scale access to near real-time patient data via a streaming platform. Validic offers the only streaming platform currently available to healthcare for patient data. Our platform provides the most comprehensive access to near real-time patient data. Traditionally, aggregation platforms cannot support time series and intraday data or continuous data streams (available in the future, such as EKG or CGM) because they rely on REST APIs. Validic is not bound to the technical restrictions of REST APIs. In our use of Streaming APIs, we can provide access to the time series, intraday, and continuous data streams sought by the market.

3. Options – Offer your patients and clinicians device options with the ability to choose from hundreds of connected health devices. Validic is vendor-agnostic – meaning regardless if your member is using an Apple, Android, Microsoft, or other device, Validic can provide access to the data they are generating. Similarly, there is no need to develop one-off vendor relationships to support the connections. Validic handles the maintenance, support, and addition of new devices for you.

4. Control – With Validic’s Rules Engine, you can control the data that is acted upon or available in your program. This prevents a data deluge and ensures your team or platform only incorporates the most meaningful data into your system. For example, notify me when Carol’s activity falls below 500 steps or blood glucose is above 120. You can also trigger actions based on the absence of data. Trigger a push notification to Carol when she does not submit readings for two days. Validic ensures you have control over the data coming into your system and being acted upon.

Interested in learning more? You can read more about Validic Inform (here) and see how it works (here).

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