Drew Schiller, Validic™ CEO, kicked off the 2017 mHealth@Duke Conference with a powerful Keynote addressing the need for INVISIBLE healthcare.

“In healthcare, we’ve been focused on innovation. We must now focus on integration.”

You can watch the keynote here:

Drew discussed the shift in digital health trends between 2005 and 2016. He shared staggering statistics showing an 80% increase in smartphone penetration, growth in U.S. EHR adoption, and a 65% increase in patient per capita spend.


So, what is next for digital health?

We need to focus on making actionable data available. Now is the time for us to focus on integration. We have enough technology to do amazing things to impact patient care today. The thing is, we need to integrate it and bring it all together.

The future of digital health is INVISIBLE HEALTHCARE.

Invisibility in terms of technology does not mean that you don’t see it. Invisibility in technology means that it is something so seamlessly integrated into your life that you don’t notice it.

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Download this white paper to learn more about the unprecedented convergence of healthcare and technology.

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