Powering Engagement with Member Health Data

Capitalize on the health data members are already generating with smartphones and wearables. Quickly and easily integrate wearable devices and consumer apps into your wellness program for a comprehensive BYOD approach.
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Member health data is unlocking new possibilities and creating new approaches to well-being.

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Validic™ provides and powers access to this data, enabling you to:

  • Increase Member Engagement
    Offer a true bring-your-own-device program and let members choose the device that is right for them, increasing adoption and participation.
  • Promote Sustainable Lifestyle Change
    Create holistic and personalized wellness programs that encourage members to make positive and long-term lifestyle changes.
  • Keep Members Healthy and Productive
    Drive member productivity up and health plan costs down; healthy members have fewer sick days and related doctor’s visits.

Powering a Range of Use Cases

Wellness Challenges

Collect data to set targets, pose challenges and rewards users for meeting goals or completing specific activities.
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Disease Management

Help members better understand their chronic disease by offering specialized, personalized, and comprehensive programs that incorporate their digital health data.
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Member Engagement

Increase interaction, adoption and participation in your wellness initiatives by allowing members to use the device of their choice.
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Incentive Programs

Reward healthy choices and physical activity using verified data from digital health devices and apps. Customize rewards for nutrition, movement, exercise, sleep and more.
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White Paper
Digital Health in Wellness Programs and Initiatives: Getting You Up To Speed

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Case Study
Quantified Care: Integrating Digital Health Data for Population Wellness

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Innovations in Workplace Wellness: A New Wave of Technology-Based Programs

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Validic powers data access for the leading Wellness Companies.

‘‘As pioneers in this space, we have a rich history in these connections and understand the complexity involved in rapidly expanding the reach to multiple partners. Validic provides a key advantage for us. By choosing to work with Validic, it helps us quickly and effectively serve our members across the United States and globally, and helps us maintain a leadership position in the wellness market.’’

Stephen Mitchley
Chief Operating Officer


Find out how you can leverage personal health data to drive value for your consumers.

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