True Connected Health is Here

Introducing VitalSnap®, the first mobile health technology enabling real-time data transfer from Non-Connected Devices to Health IT Systems.

VitalSnap® allows users to easily capture health data from their legacy in-home medical device via the camera on their smartphone. Validic can then seamlessly deliver this data to an electronic health record, patient portal, or clinical dashboard.

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The newest addition to the Validic Mobile offering, VitalSnap® is added to your own iOS or Android app, ensuring your user’s experience and privacy are protected.

Using VitalSnap’s patent-pending technology is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. First, the patient takes a reading with their personal clinical device, such as a blood glucose meter, blood pressure monitor, or pulse oximeter.
  2. Second, the patient will open your organization’s VitalSnap-enabled application, hold their smartphone over the device, and the data on the device screen is instantly captured via the phone’s camera.
  3. Third, the data from the device is instantly delivered to your system via the Validic Digital Health Platform.

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