Validic® VitalSnap® is a patented technology to capture and integrate data from legacy, non-connected home-use medical devices into your care management program.

Non-connected devices are often the blood pressure cuffs, blood glucose meters, pulse oximeters, thermometers and other in-home health devices you find on the shelves of retail pharmacies. These are often used by people with acute or chronic conditions that need regularly monitoring. These devices offer no direct connection to the device and no cloud connection, but offer valuable data to care professionals.


VitalSnap uses optical character recognition (OCR) to capture these data by reading the device’s screen and digitizing the data in real-time. The data is then sent to the Validic cloud and made available within the application and clinical systems – such as Validic Impact RPM solution, the electronic health record, a patient portal or application, or a separate care management system.





Validic VitalSnap® is delivered via a software developer kit (SDK) that can be integrated directly into your own iOS and Android apps or within the HealthBridge application (Validic Impact’s patient experience).


Using VitalSnap’s patented technology is as easy as 1-2-3:

    1. First, the patient takes a reading with their personal clinical device, such as a blood glucose meter, blood pressure monitor, or pulse oximeter.
    2. Second, the patient will open your organization’s VitalSnap-enabled application, hold their smartphone over the device, and the data on the device screen is instantly captured via the phone’s camera.
    3. Third, the data from the device is instantly delivered to your system via the Validic Digital Health Platform.
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