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Validic® enables device manufacturers and app developers to quickly connect to the largest and most innovative brands in healthcare, wellness, and sports

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Build One Connection to Deliver Data.

Place your devices and apps in the hands of people and providers around the world.

  • Grow Your Customer Base
    Deliver data easily to current clients while building relationships with new customers to increase the number of organizations and populations using your devices and apps.
  • Offload Your Support & Security
    Join the Validic Ecosystem to eliminate the overhead associated with managing customer support issues, HIPAA compliance, and regularly changing security regulations.
  • Accelerate Your Speed to Market
    Connect in less than a month to begin delivering data to hundreds of organizations around the world – without the costs associated with supporting and maintaining an API.

Powering a Range of Use Cases


Validic augments telemedicine platforms by providing the patient data from wearables and in-home clinical devices used to aid care coordination, management, and decision-making.
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Population Management

Validic powers population health management solutions by providing data from fitness and clinical devices to enable analysis of populations to target at-risk people with personalized interventions.
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We Help You Execute Technically.

Validic serves as your technical advisor guiding you through digital health data integration and innovation. As your technology partner, Validic ensures you have access to the holistic insights, scalable functionality, and responsive support you need.

Data Analytics

Validic powers comprehensive and advanced analytics solutions with standardized and normalized data that can be leveraged for predictive population or person-level insights and trends.
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Join the Global Leaders and Innovators in Digital Health Technology.

“Our integration into Validic’s Digital Health Platform means more organizations committed to wellness strategies will have access to wearable devices. At YOO Fitness, we believe that companies of all shapes and sizes will outfit more employees with devices if cost barriers are removed. We are singularly focused on that mission and our partnership with Validic is fundamental to achieving that goal.”

Dan Kinsbourne, CEO


Join the Global Leaders and Innovators in Digital Health Technology.

“We believe all healthcare organizations will be using biometric health data, like the data provided by higi, as the means to quickly and cost-effectively identify at-risk populations to improve treatments and outcomes for their patients. higi is perfectly positioned to partner with a digital health leader like Validic in this effort so healthcare organizations can provide better care because they will now have a more complete understanding of their consumers to provide even more personalized treatments.”

– Jeff Bennett, CEO, higi

Patient-Generated Health Data: A Strategic Ingredient to Reducing Readmissions

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White Paper
Delivering Value: Digital Health Care in the New Era of Technology

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Case Study
Easing the Transition from Hospital to Home: Maximizing Mobile Devices for Post-Acute Care

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Validic has the relationships with the organizations to help grow your reach, presence, and brand. By ensuring you have the connections to the organizations you need, your company and team can focus resources on delivering the most engaging and sophisticated health technologies on the market.

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