Turn data into decisions with Validic Inform – healthcare’s first and only streaming platform for personal health data. We help you access and manage your population’s health data – ensuring you trigger the right insights to support the right actions.

Device Integrations

Validic has built hundreds of one-off integrations to the premier home health and wearable devices. Building one connection to Validic, you can access the data from hundreds of disparate sources, while we continue to maintain the business relationships, technical updates, and ongoing support. We manage all vendor agreements, third-party terms and conditions, bugs, and compliance with industry regulations and standards.

Streaming Access

Inform’s advanced streaming capabilities provide the most efficient means to integrating continuous, near real-time personal health data from home health devices – meaning the data is accessible to practitioners as soon as the patient or member event occurs. We provide the most efficient means for integrating continuous data with reduced data latency and need for developer or IT resources.

Enhanced Data Model

Inform’s enhanced, practical data model offers simplified data context, metrics, and reporting features. We have developed a proprietary standardization process built for scale, customization, and seamless integration into any system. We standardize the endpoints to ensure actionable, meaningful data is delivered. This process ensures data integrity and security both in storage and in transit. Our structure allows for scalability and ease of use to ensure future device and data types are easily added.

Configurable Rules

With configurable rules, you can better track and manage your population’s engagement, outcomes, and program adherence with automated triggers and notifications. Rather than monitoring constant streams of data or sifting through aggregated insights, elevate the data that requires attention and use rules to trigger actions based on the data delivered. Our solutions work entirely “behind the scenes” enabling you to control how insights are displayed, analyzed, and acted upon.

Why Validic Inform?

Inform provides a robust and scalable architecture offering the ability to stream near real-time data into your system and set configurable rules signaling which data should be acted upon. As healthcare’s first streaming platform providing access to personal health data, Validic will continue to put an emphasis on data innovation – providing the tools to support you now and in the future. Validic has developed the infrastructure to scale millions of connected users and to process hundreds of billions of data transactions per month.

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