Validic® Impact provides a platform-first approach to virtual care – leveraging personal health data from hundreds of devices for the most comprehensive remote patient monitoring programs

Device-agnostic & Disease-agnostic

The Impact platform enables true device-agnosticism, ensuring providers are not locked into a single device vendor or a few, select brands to incorporate into their remote monitoring programs. Impact offers the ability to leverage hundreds of devices and thousands of data points to support remote care for chronic and post-acute conditions. From diabetes and hypertension to COPD and beyond, Impact was designed to manage numerous care programs, concurrently or asynchronously — regardless of condition or population size

Deploy as Standalone or Integrated Tool

Validic Impact can integrate directly into the existing workflow, such as the electronic health record, or can be deployed as a standalone, end-to-end RPM solution. With Validic Impact: Integrated, the solution directly embeds in the EHR and can integrate into your existing messaging or telehealth functionality. Data from the programs display with the EHR and can be routed to warehouses or flowsheets. With Validic Impact: Rapid Deployment, no integration and minimal configuration is needed to launch comprehensive, device-driven RPM programs. The tool can be deployed in hours.


A Single, Seamless Implementation

Impact prevents the need for numerous vendor relationships, buying cycles, implementations, or one-off workarounds to get patient-generated data operationalized in the clinical workflow. With Impact, providers move beyond one-off, disease-specific platform purchases. Instead, Validic Impact enables providers to scale implementations of disease management programs across disease states. Organizations are, therefore, not locked into a single vendor or the need to budget for multiple implementations and service integrations.

Frictionless Experience for Clinicians

Impact enables critical data to be elevated within the workflow, clinician notifications to be triggered and viewed within the workflow, and historical / trends data to be captured in the patient’s health record. Impact not only prevents physicians from acting as data scientists, but also reduces redundant and inefficient manual tasks. Impact ensures clinicians are more efficient in patient outreach, creating sustainable feedback loops, and managing larger cohorts of patients with less personnel resources.


Validic Impact’s Patient Experience

The HealthBridge app allows patients to connect their home-use, Bluetooth medical devices to their provider’s RPM program

With the seamless integration of HealthBridge and Validic Impact, the patient’s data is shared, in near real-time, from the app to the clinical dashboard – triggering the relevant alerts and notifications for the clinical care team. 

HealthBridge allows providers to capture daily or more frequent physiological readings that offer clinicians continuous insight into a patient’s health trends, behaviors, and outcomes.

With timely and ongoing access to these data, care teams can be notified quickly of concerning health measures to make more informed and timely interventions, treatment adjustments, and recommendations.

Why Validic Impact?

Technology — specifically tools like Impact — can automate many of the manual tasks required in remote care today, making it possible to manage more people with fewer resources. The flexibility in Impact’s design enables care teams to customize goals and settings, specific to the condition they are managing and the population they are treating.

Customization can be made at both the administrative and clinician level to ensure processes are standardized but care is personalized. Whether through secure messaging, email, or SMS, Impact ensures the critical data is elevated and an action is triggered.

Care teams can then manage more patients with the same or fewer resources, as they are better able to triage patients and prioritize outreach.

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