Validic® Impact takes a platform-first approach to remote patient monitoring and chronic condition management, leveraging personal health data from hundreds of devices for the most comprehensive RPM and digital health programs.

Use the Device You Want for Any Condition

Leveraging our core data connectivity platform and access to secure data from 530+ personal health devices, the Impact RPM platform doesn’t lock patients and providers into a single device vendor or a few, select brands. Impact offers maximum device flexibility to support remote care for chronic and post-acute conditions. From diabetes and hypertension to COPD and beyond, Impact remote monitoring manages multiple chronic care programs, concurrently or asynchronously, regardless of condition or population size.

Deploy as Integrated Solution Through App Orchard

Available through the Epic App Orchard, Validic Impact RPM integrates directly into the clinical workflow, making patient enrollment, administration and monitoring easier and seamless. With a standard App Orchard integration, clinicians can:

  • Enroll and monitor patients in an RPM program directly from their Epic chart
  • Use Epic’s SSO, eliminating the need for additional user names and passwords 
  • Launch Validic Impact RPM directly from In-Basket messages, moving seamlessly between alerts and Impact
  • Streamline workflow and eliminate unnecessary clicks, toggles and uploads

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Scale Across Conditions, Populations

Organizations of all sizes can create and scale remote monitoring programs and offer meaningful, continuous and personalized care, across populations and chronic conditions. Standalone, disease-specific platforms are not necessary or economical. Organizations are not locked into a single vendor for every chronic condition or the need to budget multiple implementations and service integrations. Patient-generated health data flows from Validic’s core data connectivity platform into Impact RPM, providing meaningful insights directly to clinicians when they need them, within the clinical systems they already know and use.

Ease the Burden on Clinicians

Core to our vision is that technology should make healthcare easier, not more difficult, and that interoperable systems are vital to a better clinician and patient experience. Clinicians shouldn’t have to work in multiple, disparate systems and all patient data should be available and usable within the clinical workflow. With Impact RPM, clinicians can view critical data and notifications within the workflow and view  historical trends directly in the patient’s health record. They don’t need to be data scientists and will notice a reduction in redundant and inefficient manual tasks. This ensures they spend more time on what matters most – direct patient care.


Validic Impact’s Patient Experience

The HealthBridge app allows patients to connect their home-use, Bluetooth medical devices to their provider’s RPM program

With the seamless integration of HealthBridge and Validic Impact, the patient’s data is shared, in near real-time, from the app to the clinical dashboard — triggering the relevant alerts and notifications for the clinical care team. 

HealthBridge allows providers to capture daily or more frequent physiological readings that offer clinicians continuous insight into a patient’s health trends, behaviors and outcomes.

With timely and ongoing access to these data, care teams can be notified quickly of concerning health measures to make more informed and timely interventions, treatment adjustments and recommendations.

Why Validic Impact?

Technology — specifically tools like Impact — can automate many of the manual tasks required in remote care today, making it possible to manage more people with fewer resources. The flexibility in Impact’s design enables care teams to customize goals and settings, specific to the condition they are managing and the population they are treating.

Customization can be made at both the administrative and clinician level to ensure processes are standardized but care is personalized. Whether through secure messaging, email, or SMS, Impact ensures the critical data is elevated and an action is triggered.

Care teams can then manage more patients with the same or fewer resources, as they are better able to triage patients and prioritize outreach.

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