Qardio: A Leader in Heart Health Monitoring

Why Qardio is different

Qardio is an award-winning healthcare company that combines a suite of
elegant, clinically-validated devices with powerful data analytics, providing
healthcare professionals with valuable insights into patient health.

What we can do for you

Qardio devices allow healthcare professionals to monitor patients remotely with ease, and are designed to improve adherence rates and medical accuracy. With Qardio, doctors have better access to more detailed patient data, which better utilizes their time, enhances diagnostic yields and leads to more efficient preventative care.

Why our devices are unique

Qardio Arm QardioArm: QardioArm is a game-changer for blood pressure monitoring – fitting seamlessly into patients daily lives, capturing accurate blood pressure data and providing powerful insights for healthcare providers. QardioArm is the only blood pressure monitor to track measurements across locations, offer powerful user engagement with data sharing and notifications, and provide a photo slideshow feature which helps users relax while they take their blood pressure – increasing the accuracy of measurements. QardioArm is CE Marked and FDA approved. Learn More

Qardio Base QardioBase: QardioBase is the revolutionary smart scale and body analyzer which combines intelligent features, ease of use and minimalist design to make weight management an integral part of everyday life. QardioBase measures user weight, body mass index (BMI), muscle mass, body fat percentage, water and bone composition, and incorporates several unique features and various display modes to fit different lifestyles, including Pregnancy Mode. Learn More

Qardio Core QardioCore: QardioCore is the wireless ECG/EKG monitor that continuously measures and records medical-grade ECG without the need for patches, gels and wires. QardioCore is designed to improve the detection and monitoring of cardiac conditions while fitting easily into your everyday life. In addition to a 3 lead ECG, QardioCore continuously tracks heart rate and heart rate variability data, body temperature, activity levels, respiratory rate and stress levels. Learn More

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