Powering Development with Better Insights

Gain more visibility and insight into participant engagement and adherence between visits, providing more verified, objective, and real-world evidence into your trial or research study.

Participant-generated health data is unlocking new possibilities and transforming clinical trial processes.

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Validic® powers access to this data, enabling you to:

  • Encourage Participant Engagement
    Enable your clinical trials to be less of a burden on participants—remotely collecting data means fewer in-person visits and less manual tracking.
  • Get to Market Sooner and More Cost-Effectively
    Streamline participant recruitment, enrollment, and data collection with a one-to-many connection, enabling shorter and more cost effective clinical trials.
  • Demonstrate Real-World Efficacy
    Prove the benefits and value of your drug in the real world – and address any issues in real time – to help get on, and stay on, payer’s formularies.

Powering a Range of Use Cases

Remote Monitoring

Review data quickly and efficiently to verify a participant’s response to the drug and adherence to a program to gain better insight into the drug’s true outcomes.
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Patient Communities

Communities with integrated digital health data provide sponsors with a larger pool of potential participants, offering greater insights into the management and progression of their condition.
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Subject Recruitment

Identify clinical trial participants quickly using holistic and continuous data from the devices and apps they use everyday streamlining costly trial recruitment processes.
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Post-Market Research

Monitor long-term, post-approval efficacy by collecting real-world data from participants using personal or provided in-home devices, wearables, and smartphone applications.
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Industry Report
Insights on Digital Health Technology Survey 2016: How Data Impacts Trials

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Advancing Drug Development with Digital Health: The Key Ways to Integrate Data into Trials

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Exploring Digital Health: The Devices and Data Used in Trials Today

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