Powering Development with Better Insights

Gain more visibility and insight into participant engagement and adherence between visits, providing more verified, objective, and real-world evidence into your trial or research study.

Participant-generated health data is unlocking new possibilities and transforming clinical trial processes.

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Validic® powers access to this data, enabling you to:

  • Encourage Participant Engagement
    Enable your clinical trials to be less of a burden on participants—remotely collecting data means fewer in-person visits and less manual tracking.
  • Get to Market Sooner and More Cost-Effectively
    Streamline participant recruitment, enrollment, and data collection with a one-to-many connection, enabling shorter and more cost effective clinical trials.
  • Demonstrate Real-World Efficacy
    Prove the benefits and value of your drug in the real world – and address any issues in real time – to help get on, and stay on, payer’s formularies.

Powering a Range of Use Cases

Remote Monitoring

Review data quickly and efficiently to verify a participant’s response to the drug and adherence to a program to gain better insight into the drug’s true outcomes.
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Patient Communities

Communities with integrated digital health data provide sponsors with a larger pool of potential participants, offering greater insights into the management and progression of their condition.
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Subject Recruitment

Identify clinical trial participants quickly using holistic and continuous data from the devices and apps they use everyday streamlining costly trial recruitment processes.
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Post-Market Research

Monitor long-term, post-approval efficacy by collecting real-world data from participants using personal or provided in-home devices, wearables, and smartphone applications.
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Industry Report
Insights on Digital Health Technology Survey 2016: How Data Impacts Trials

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White Paper
Advancing Drug Development with Digital Health: The Key Ways to Integrate Data into Trials

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Exploring Digital Health: The Devices and Data Used in Trials Today

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Validic powers data access for the leading Pharma and CRO Companies.

‘‘Working with Validic is a big step toward realizing the potential of mobile health in clinical research because it offers life sciences organizations the flexibility to select the mHealth tools that provide the most clinically meaningful information for specific patient populations. We’re excited to be working alongside a like-minded company that is using technology to transform the way stakeholders across the healthcare industry collaborate and innovate.’’

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