OSA Features (Archived 8-31-2017)

Please note, as of 8/31/2017, Validic no longer offers Starter and Developer plans. Please review the current OSA Features page for additional information.
Validic License Type: Starter Developer First Step Growth Enterprise
Description Supports up to 2,000 connected users Developer credentials only Starter package supports up to 10,000 connected users Intermediate package supports 10,000 or more connected users Established companies with 100,000 or more connected users
Access to API Integrations Limited to 5 Limited to developer integrations Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Access to Training Documentation and Videos
Technical Account Manager
Personal Training and Onboarding
Support Level Best effort via email 8am – 6pm EST 24×7 critical support with SLA 24×7 critical support with SLA 24×7 critical support with SLA
Push Notifications
Custom Marketplace
Mobile SDK Optional Add-On Optional Add-On Optional Add-On
Additional Branded Marketplaces Optional Add-On Optional Add-On
For use in Production Environments

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