A handful of device connections and data points are not enough to understand the complexity of a diverse population. 

This week, Drew Schiller, Validic CEO and Dr. Catherine Bass, Onlife Health Director of Informatics came together during an AHIP webinar to discuss market trends leading to growth in the use of personal health data in wellness engagement programs and ways organizations can leverage these data to garner improved engagement and health outcomes in populations.

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During the webinar, Schiller and Bass shared best practices and lessons learned from building device connectivity strategies that enable personalized approaches to engagement and intervention.

“When it comes to device connectivity strategies, think about how you can support your members and what you can do to bring them into the experience,” said Bass. 

As more devices enter the market and more individuals turn to wearable and home health technologies to manage their wellbeing, organizations must learn to leverage personal health data and devices to connect meaningfully with their population. These data can further inform how to create individual nudges and behavior prompts for your members.  

“As we see clinical and wellness applications of personal health data mature to address total health, consumers need access to the right data at the right time, which leads to this personalization and ultimately, behavior change,” said Schiller.

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