Validic and Partners Connected Health today announced a new collaboration, currently in the testing phase, that will ultimately provide Partners HealthCare clinicians and researchers with access to patient-generated health data (PGHD) from over 420 consumer and clinical health devices. The full-scale service, which involves the integration of PGHD into care plans and the electronic health record (EHR), is set to launch throughout the Partners HealthCare network in 2018.  Partners Connected Health is part of Partners HealthCare, an integrated health system founded by Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital.

Validic and Partners Connected Health recognize that integrating the data from home health devices into the existing clinical workflow is necessary for heightened provider engagement and patient accountability. The multi-year agreement will focus on empowering care teams, researchers, and patients with data-driven care and supporting technology.

“This collaboration will allow patients to share personal health data with their care team seamlessly and securely using their own consumer devices. Of even greater significance is the ability to make this data actionable and provide evidence-based care to improve clinical efficiencies, empower patients and strengthen the patient provider relationship,” said Kelly Santomas, MS, RN, Senior Director, Connected Health Solutions, Partners Connected Health. “This has implications throughout patient care, including improved management of chronic illness and at-risk patient populations.”

The broader goal of this collaboration is to bring patients’ device data – from wearables, blood pressure monitors, blood glucose monitors and other home health devices – directly into the existing clinical work-flows and the EHR. Learning from pilots and early rollouts, Partners Connected Health will work with Validic to determine how home health devices and actionable, standardized and HIPAA-compliant patient-generated health data can fit within existing care plans.

In the current pilot phase, Partners Connected Health is testing a cloud-based digital health platform with blood pressure monitoring. “This new data platform enables our clinicians to quickly and securely access patient generated data via our EHR system, in a format that is standardized, actionable and HIPAA compliant,” added Roger Pasinski, MD, Mass General Hospital, Revere HealthCare Center. “Our patients and providers are eager to leverage personal health technologies to enhance care coordination, patient engagement and better collaboration between patients and providers to improve care delivery and clinical outcomes.”

“Partners Connected Health and Validic will continue their commitment to pioneering innovation in healthcare by integrating patient-generated health data into care delivery,” said Validic’s CEO Drew Schiller. “It continues to be Validic’s mission to build technology that makes personal health data actionable. Partners Connected Health has long been a pioneer in utilizing healthcare technology with a focus on patient-centricity. We are proud to call them a partner.”

Learn more about the Partners Connected Health and Validic collaboration at the Connected Health Conference(CHC17) in BostonOctober 25-27th.  Representatives from Validic and Partners Connected Health will present a deep dive into this new collaboration during the Health System Innovation track at CHC17.  Or stop by Validic Booth #217.

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