Better Data Equals Better Outcomes

Validic’s award-winning data connectivity platform, patent-pending mobile libraries, and newly-released rules engine enable you to turn data into insights and insights into action.

A Seamless Approach to Data

Validic’s Platform and Mobile solutions connect you to your healthcare consumers. By authorizing access to personal health data from devices and apps, daily activity and biometric information are captured, standardized, and delivered into your system. You can then control how the data is displayed, analyzed, and shared.

Connect to your population through data



Build one simple connection to Validic and integrate data from hundreds of clinical and consumer health devices.


Manage program adherence and individual engagement with rules that signal when a user has not submitted data over a specified amount of time.


Streaming and REST APIs deliver standardized data directly in to your system, portal, or application.

Actionable data delivered from your users to your system



Build one, simple connection to the Validic API to integrate data from hundreds of apps and devices.


Within your platform or portal, users can connect their apps and devices, granting permission for the transfer and use of data.


Receive timestamped, validated and standardized data through Validic’s secure API for your use, display and analysis.

Healthcare’s Most Advanced Solution for Data and Device Connectivity

Validic Inform

The Inform solution includes several components which enable Validic to retrieve, standardize, trigger, and deliver continuous streams of user-permissioned health data from nearly 400 clinical and consumer data sources. The components of Inform include the data connectivity platform, mobile libraries, and rules engine. Together, these functionalities provide a forward-looking platform focused on turning disparate data into action and insights.

Mobile Libraries

The mobile libraries component of Validic Inform enables healthcare organizations to easily integrate data from Bluetooth Smart devices, Apple’s HealthKit, and VitalSnap® into their existing iOS and Android mobile applications. Mobile Libraries provide embeddable code that allow you to include legacy and Bluetooth clinical devices as part of your device connectivity strategy. Data acquired from Validic Mobile is then made available to clients via the data connectivity platform.

Data Connectivity Platform

The data connectivity platform is the foundation of Validic Inform. The platform provides access – via Streaming and REST APIs – to data from hundreds of connected health devices. The platform aggregates data collected via direct API connections to device vendors, such as with Fitbit and Garmin; Validic Connect API connections, in which device vendors build directly to Validic; and Mobile Bluetooth, SDK, and OCR Connections via Validic’s mobile libraries.

Rules Engine

The rules engine functionality enables care and program administrators to better track population and individual engagement, as well as program adherence. Adherence rules allow administrators to trigger notifications or flags when a member or patient has not submitted data over a specified amount of time. To prevent managers from monitoring the continuous stream of real-time data, rules can help set trigger-based actions and alerts. The rules are set and triggered via the data connectivity platform.

Types of Data

Fitness data provides insight into user’s activities that are undertaken with the purpose of exercising. These activities have a defined duration, time, distance, calories, elevation, etc. Activities include running, biking, walking, swimming, elliptical, rowing, skating, and so on.


fitbitGarminJawboneStravaMapMyFitnessAdidasEpsoniHealthLumoMisfitmoovomronPolarPrecorstriivSuuntoLife FitnessDHS GroupTomTomYoo

Routine data provides insight into user’s activities that occur regularly throughout the day, without the specific goal of exercising. These activities are able to provide a regular and daily aggregate of calories burned, distance traveled, water consumed, steps taken, stairs climbed, and so on.



fitbitGarminJawboneApple HealthAdidasEpsoniHealthMisfitomronPolarSuuntoDHS GroupTomTomYoo

Weight data provides insight into a user’s weight, height, and body mass measurements. Detailed values include fat percentage, BMI, free mass, and so on.



Biometric data provides insight into a user’s vitals data taken routinely or situationally. These measurements provide insights into a person’s blood pressure, cholesterol, heart rate, blood and hormone levels, and so on.


omronA&DWelchAllynQardioPolariHealthApple HealthBodyTracehigiMioZephyrWahooNoninAdidasBeWell

Diabetes data provides insight into a user’s vitals specifically related to the treatment and management of Diabetes. These measurements provide insight into a person’s blood glucose and hormone levels, including hbac1, insulin, triglyceride, c peptide, and so on. 


BayerAbbottTelcareiHealthJohnson & JohnsonAccu ChekReliOnomron

Nutrition data provides insight into a user’s activities related to calorie intake and consumption, as well as ability to meet nutritional needs with diet. Details include the amount of carbohydrates, fat, protein, sodium, water, and fiber consumed by a person, as well as the meal name.



Sleep data provides insight into measurements related to the length of time spent in various sleep cycles, as well as the number of times a person wakes during the night. Total sleep, REM sleep, deep sleep and other values are included in the data delivered to provide sleep insights.


Sleep ImagefitbitemfitMisfitJawboneiHealthGarmin

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