Connecting Providers to the Data that Matters

Access patient-generated health data to improve care coordination and outcomes,
reduce costs, and better manage and engage your populations.

Hospitals using remotely-collected patient data are able to more efficiently use resources, effectively interact with patients, and impact outcomes with data-driven clinical decisions.

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  • Manage More Patients with Less Resources
    Use remotely-collected data to monitor patients outside the hospital to see what care programs patients are adhering to and what interventions are needed.
  • De-silo Data and Interoperate Your System
    Automate workflows with a seamless and secure integration of PGHD into your clinical and research systems, EHRs, and HIEs.
  • Integrate Secure, Compliant, and Standardized Data
    We offer a device- and platform-agnostic solution that delivers de-identified, HIPAA-compliant data securely into your system in a uniform, actionable format.

Powering a Range of Use Cases

Readmission Prevention

Validic® helps providers prevent adverse, post-discharge events by providing in-home patient data to enable interventions before readmissions or penalties occur.
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Disease Management

By linking wearables data with data from in-home clinical devices, providers can provide more targeted guidance and care plans for patients living with a chronic disease.
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Remote Monitoring

Validic’s platform provides near-real-time data from clinical biometric devices allowing providers to track patterns, prevent adverse events, and inform clinical care plans.
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Care Coordination

Using Validic’s unified data stream, providers can easily track patients’ health metrics, link disparate data, and develop unifying treatment plans across the care continuum.
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White Paper
Key To The Triple Aim – Keep Patients Healthy and Engaged with Digital Health Data

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Case Study
Delivering More Meaningful Care with Patient-Generated Health Data

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Sutter Health, Validic and the Use Cases for Patient-Generated Health Data

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Validic powers data access for the leading hospitals and health systems.

‘‘Validic provides clinicians and researchers with access to real-time data that creates a holistic perspective of a patient’s health — encompassing clinical, social and behavioral dimensions — in the context of their day-to-day lives and outside of the clinical setting.’’

Dr. Martin Entwistle

President, Ares Health Systems


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