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Securely integrate data from personal health technologies into your system with one connection, enabling you to scale quickly and cost-effectively while maintaining focus and resources on your core business.

Validic® offers health data solutions that make access, integration, standardization, and storage of personal health data easy and seamless. 

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  • Hand off the Burden of Technical Integrations and Support

    We manage the business relationships, technical updates, and ongoing support needed to build and maintain device and app integrations.

  • Easily Engage and Reach Your Entire Population

    We provide a one-to-many connection that offers you access to the broadest marketplace of devices and apps to reach and engage your entire population.

  • Scale Quickly with Built-in Standards & Security

    We offer a device- and platform-agnostic solution that delivers de-identified, HIPAA-compliant data securely into your system in a uniform, actionable format.

Powering a Range of Use Cases


Validic augments telemedicine platforms by providing the patient data from wearables and in-home clinical devices used to aid care coordination, management, and decision-making.
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Population Management

Validic powers population health management solutions by providing data from fitness and clinical devices to enable analysis of populations to target at-risk people with personalized interventions.
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Patient Engagement

Validic’s device-agnostic solution allows our clients to deliver a true BYOD program, enhance their user experience, and increase interaction with wellness and healthcare technologies.
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Data Analytics

Validic powers comprehensive and advanced analytics solutions with standardized and normalized data that can be leveraged for predictive population or person-level insights and trends.
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Patient-Generated Health Data: A Strategic Ingredient to Reducing Readmissions

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Delivering Value: Digital Health Care in the New Era of Technology

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Case Study
Easing the Transition from Hospital to Home: Maximizing Mobile Devices for Post-Acute Care

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Validic powers data access for the leading Healthcare Technology Companies.

‘‘Given Validic is device and platform agnostic, our alignment provides a much broader reach to clinical and wellness data to help propel our digital health strategy to healthcare organizations we serve, including the acceleration of remote patient monitoring, telehealth, and wellness initiatives.’’

Sr. Director and General Manager, Population Health


Find out how you can leverage personal health data to drive value for your consumers.

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