Validic, the leading platform for patient-generated health data integration and analysis, today announced a partnership with DexCom, Inc., a leader in continuous glucose monitoring (CGM). Through this partnership, Dexcom CGM data from Dexcom’s cloud API is integrated into the Validic data connectivity platform – establishing one of the first multi-measure platforms to stream in-home clinical data directly into clinical workflows and systems.

As more patients than ever are being diagnosed with diabetes and other related chronic conditions, access to the most up-to-date patient data is critical to offer value-based care programs and interventions. When this data is integrated directly into the clinical workflow, providers can easily access and incorporate patient-generated health data (PGHD) into programs of care to better manage chronic and post-acute conditions. The addition of machine learning and analytics capabilities enables more personalized, automated treatment – allowing care teams to manage by exception. With technology that can elevate critical data when necessary, care teams can spend less time checking in and more time helping out. Continuous glucose data, in conjunction with other biometric data from patients’ wearables, health apps, and in-home medical devices, can offer a holistic view of patient health – resulting in more informed, proactive care decisions.

In order to accommodate complex, high-frequency PGHD – like data from CGMs, as well as sleep, activity, and more – within the Validic platform, the company developed a proprietary intraday data model to support standardization and delivery. The model allows high-frequency data to appear in the stream in near real-time – making Dexcom CGM data available every five minutes. This means that providers are now able to access their patients’ home health information quickly within their current systems and correlate data to understand not only what is happening, but why it is happening.

“The availability of continuous data offers healthcare practitioners new opportunities to deliver proactive care and take steps to prevent negative health events or readmissions,” said Drew Schiller, CEO, Validic. “To effectively manage the health of a growing population with chronic diseases, data-driven care delivery is critical – and these data must be integrated into the clinical workflow in order to facilitate clinician adoption and the best outcomes for patients.”

Validic Inform, launched a year ago, is healthcare’s first data connectivity platform with near real-time streaming capabilities. The platform enables the programming of triggered alerts and notifications to better manage program adherence and engagement. In addition to Validic’s 350-plus connections to in-home medical devices, wearables and health apps, data from the Dexcom G5® and G6® Mobile Apps – and contextual data like insulin, periods of activity, and carbohydrate consumption manually uploaded from a receiver using the Dexcom CLARITY® uploader – will be integrated into the Validic platform. This offering empowers healthcare, life science and wellness organizations with a more well-rounded understanding of their users’ health, at both the population and individual level.

This partnership is part of a larger effort to improve the interoperability of clinical systems and provide better access to continuous data in order to deliver improved patient care. For more information on Validic’s data connectivity initiatives, contact or visit

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