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Validic Announces Major First Quarter Growth – Digital Health Marketplace Grows 20%, Client Population Expands To 160 Million

Plus integration to Apple HealthKit, launch of mobile health developer platform, new EHR clients

DURHAM, N.C., April 9, 2015 – Validic, the healthcare industry’s leading digital health platform, announced today the addition of 36 new clinical and fitness devices to its marketplace – growing its ecosystem by 20% in the first quarter of this year. Twenty-seven of the newly added devices are clinically focused, reinforcing Validic’s commitment to providing vital and actionable biometric data to the healthcare system.

“Validic is committed to delivering new, innovative and unique mobile health technologies to its customer base,” Drew Schiller, CTO and co-founder of Validic, said. “We are excited to welcome several new integration partners, including Lumo, Biomedtrics and SunSprite. These devices are providing healthcare organizations with incredibly relevant and actionable clinical data to aid in the improvement of care and outcomes.”

Other integrations added include the newest devices from Fitbit, Garmin, Jawbone and Fitlinxx.

In addition to these devices, Validic has completed its integration to Apple HealthKit and has launched the integration in Beta to its clients. With the Apple HealthKit integration, Validic provides its clients with the ability and tools to integrate Apple Health data into their iOS applications.

To help fuel more innovation in healthcare, Validic has launched a developer platform to allow mobile health devices and applications to build directly to Validic. Validic Connect™ provides technology companies with an API to build their devices directly to the Validic marketplace connecting them to healthcare providers, pharma, wellness, payers and healthcare IT vendors. One of the companies that leveraged Validic Connect™ is SunSprite, a sunlight measurement device and application that tracks light exposure.

“Utilizing Validic Connect to build directly to Validic’s Digital Health Platform has enabled quick deployment of our SunSprite device to our customers,” Ed Likovich, CEO of GoodLux Technology, said. “This was an easy decision and an easy connection for us. With innovation in healthcare occurring at such a rapid pace, building directly to Validic once versus multiple times to a variety of other healthcare technology is a strategic advantage for us. We needed a way to seamlessly deliver SunSprite’s data into care platforms used by clinicians to improve outcomes and treatment related to depression. We are excited to work with Validic to continue making an impact on healthcare.”

Recently, Validic announced the addition of EHR vendors and healthcare technology leaders Cerner and MEDITECH to its list of clients. Over the past several months, Validic has added several other hospitals, wellness companies, providers and pharmaceutical groups, increasing its client population reach to over 160 million lives in 47 countries around the world.

“Our significant growth over the last quarter, and even the last year, is a true testament to the market demand for Validic, which drives greater interoperability between technology and healthcare,” Ryan Beckland, CEO and co-founder of Validic, said. “It is an honor to be working with so many healthcare and technology leaders and to witness the collective positive impact on the healthcare industry. Our mission is to continue to be at the forefront of this transformation, seamlessly connecting mobile health technologies to healthcare companies accelerating their transformation to value-based care.”

About Validic

Validic is the healthcare industry’s leading cloud-based, digital health platform for convenient and quick access to patient data from in-home clinical devices, wearables and patient healthcare applications. By connecting its growing base of customers — that includes providers, pharmaceutical companies, payers, wellness companies and health IT vendors — to the continuously expanding list of digital health technologies, Validic enables healthcare companies to better coordinate care across their communities, improve their patient engagement strategies and more efficiently manage their patient populations. Validic’s innovative, scalable and FDA Class I MDDS technology delivers actionable, standardized and HIPAA-compliant consumer health data from the best in-class mobile health devices and applications. Validic was recently recognized by Gartner and received Frost & Sullivan’s Best Practices and Best Value in Healthcare Information Interoperability award. Validic’s leading global mobile health ecosystem reaches over 160 million lives and continues to grow daily. To learn more about Validic, follow Validic on Twitter at @validic or visit

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