Validic Demo App


The Validic Demo App demonstrates a mobile health and wellness experience that leverages the Validic Mobile SDK and its integrations to popular Bluetooth LE devices, mobile app integrations, and legacy non-connected health devices. Building one connection to Validic, you can access health and wellness data from hundreds of mobile and cloud sources.

An experience like the one demonstrated in the Demo App can open your health and wellness program up to beneficial health data that could be leveraged to improve health outcomes for your population.


The Validic Demo App is intended to demonstrate the usage and features of the Validic Mobile SDKs. As such, the Validic Demo App is designed solely to be used in evaluating the benefits of Validic’s health and wellness solutions for your programs and population. Users of the Validic Demo App have access to the following features:

Bluetooth LE

Communicate directly with a variety of wellness and clinical devices using Bluetooth LE to pair and retrieve valuable measurement and activity data for a fully integrated mobile experience.


Easily capture health data from legacy in-home medical devices via the camera on your smartphone with VitalSnap®.

Google Fit

Sign in with Google to receive Google Fit activity and weight data aggregated from your health and wellness apps and devices into a single place.

Validic Inform Sync

Seamlessly deliver data from mobile sources to Validic Inform. This data is then accessible for use in an electronic health record, patient or member portal, or clinical dashboard.

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