Just as people cannot be summed up by one condition, they also cannot be summed up by one data point. 

This week, Drew Schiller, Validic CEO, and Sagran Moodley, UnitedHealthcare SVP, Clinical Data Services Management, Clinical Services, came together during an AHIP webinar to discuss how marrying social determinants of health data and patient-generated health data can provide deeper insights into individual or population health. 

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The two discussed how organizations are utilizing these data to inform better individual interventions and improve analysis of population risk. Today, healthcare is transitioning to manage the whole person rather than a single disease state – a single social determinant or health measure is not enough. 

“It’s important for the healthcare industry to think about the full picture of a person’s health. Patients are creating data every day that can help show us what is happening in their daily lives and allows us to provide more tailored care,” said Schiller.

By not only collecting data about a person’s everyday life, but integrating these data meaningfully into existing systems and programs of care, providers can address barriers to better health and encourage positive behavior change.

“By building an infrastructure around social determinants we can redefine health to consider the whole person, remove barriers that limit access to care, address health disparities, and improve overall health in vulnerable populations,” said Moodley. 

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