As the number of infections caused by the spread of COVID-19 continues to rise worldwide, healthcare organizations are bringing applications, online services, and products to the market to help people stay up to date on the virus, check their symptoms, and receive advice on ways to prevent exposure. 

There are three areas in which population health management of COVID-19 and remote patient monitoring can be helpful. The first is monitoring the overall population for the emergence of symptoms, including high-risk populations such as the elderly and people with existing chronic conditions. The second area is monitoring those who have been directed to self-quarantine. This type of monitoring is typically time-based for 14 days and is directed to monitor the emergence of symptoms. The last area is the virtual treatment of diagnosed patients, or “persons under investigation.”

Validic is offering a standalone remote patient monitoring (RPM) solution specifically designed to continuously monitor vulnerable or exposed populations for the emergence of COVID-19 symptoms. 

The goal of our new standalone solution is simple: enroll thousands of patients quickly to allow monitoring of the key symptoms of COVID-19. The solution provides insight for clinicians or public health officials on which patients demonstrate symptoms, along with information around when quarantine has ended with no symptoms. 

Validic’s standalone RPM solution enables patients to enter their symptoms, body temperature, and SPO2 readings from their home devices into a secure, web-hosted portal.

The patients’ home health data are made accessible to clinicians and treatment professionals via a triage dashboard. The dashboard will allow clinicians to enroll new patients, set alerts and triggers, identify patient trends quickly, and search patients based on status and their latest readings. 

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