DURHAM, N.C. and HERNDON, V.A., Oct. 31, 2019 — Validic™, a market leader in solutions for personal health data, and Trapollo, a Cox Business company and a leading provider of managed services for telehealth and remote health monitoring, announced today a strategic collaboration to offer comprehensive hardware and software services supporting remote patient monitoring (RPM). The organizations are working together to meet the market need for a configurable, end-to-end RPM solution – one that supports scaled deployments with access to a broad range of home health devices. The collaboration combines Validic’s strengths in data connectivity and analytics with Trapollo’s strengths in hardware provisioning and logistics.

As leading providers and payers strategize to deploy extensive, scalable RPM programs, more organizations are demonstrating the need for strong device procurement and support alongside broad data connectivity and analytics capabilities. In recognizing this market need, the partnership between Validic and Trapollo offers a uniquely modular and customizable approach to RPM – enabling organizations to implement pieces of an end-to-end solution which best meet their immediate needs.

While some traditional, end-to-end RPM solutions restrict organizations to managing single-condition patients with a specific set of devices, the Validic and Trapollo collaboration offers the flexibility to use a variety of devices to manage several conditions. Together, Validic and Trapollo aim to support more patients, from rising-risk to high risk populations, and especially those individuals who require more hands-on support in the setup and use of their health devices.

“We are proud to work with Validic to offer healthcare companies an award-winning software solution for remote monitoring. This collaboration enables support of patients as soon as they receive and set-up their device, and during monitoring with real-time interventions bolstered by personal health data,” said Trapollo Vice President and General Manager Mike Braham.

Through Trapollo, clients and their patients have access to enterprise support for device provisioning, logistics and technical assistance. This alleviates some traditional device limitations and constraints in RPM – enabling healthcare organizations and providers to best choose the devices suited for their populations’ unique needs. These devices or device kits are provisioned, shipped and managed by Trapollo, who also provides patients with technical support for the setup and use of devices.

Validic – supporting access to data from nearly 400 in-home medical devices and wearables – enables healthcare organizations to use patients’ device data within the clinical workflow. Powering personalized and timely interventions, Validic Impact provides a simple mechanism for onboarding new patients, setting up complex rules based on device data, and managing a multitude of remote monitoring programs within the EHR.

“Healthcare organizations today are seeking solutions that are flexible enough to meet their current and future needs, not cumbersome software that requires complex implementations, comes with restrictive limitations and operates outside of clinical workflows,” said Validic CEO Drew Schiller. “By adding Trapollo’s operational expertise, we broaden the industry’s ability to scale remote monitoring programs and our ability to support organizations in improving health.”

By working together to offer a more comprehensive approach to RPM, Trapollo and Validic are well-positioned to support remote monitoring of patients with a variety of conditions at scale. Learn more about Trapollo’s connected health services and Validic Impact’s scalable remote monitoring solution.


About Validic

Validic guides healthcare and wellness organizations through the technical complexities associated with accessing and operationalizing patient-generated health data. Validic’s scalable, secure solutions can help you improve operational efficiency and patient outcomes by delivering personal health data from hundreds of home health devices seamlessly into your existing clinical workflows. To find out how healthcare is innovating to create more data-driven and integrative healthcare experiences, visit validic.com or follow Validic on Twitter at @validic.


About Trapollo

Trapollo LLC, a Cox Business company, is a human-centric, leading end-to-end, connected healthcare company focused on improving patient care by mobilizing clinical engagement. Our goal is to help extend care past the walls of health systems by meeting people where they are in their day-to-day lives.

Our broad range of remote health monitoring applications, products and services go beyond technology — we are helping to improve the quality of care at every stage of life. By integrating and enabling more efficient clinician-to-patient communication and information, we help healthcare providers and payors focus on delivering care while improving health.

As part of the Cox Communications family dedicated to improving the quality of life across communities, Trapollo is leveraging Cox’s power of connectivity to bring technology where it is needed, providing more effective and continuous care. For further information, please visit our website: www.trapollo.com.

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