We are thrilled to announce that Validic® has partnered with Nudge to introduce a turnkey offering that makes it easier for companies to launch a proven mobile engagement solution. The technology partnership helps companies – in need of a mobile app experience – launch one quickly within their budget and without expending development resources.

What You Need to Know About This Partnership:

  • You can quickly launch an app for your program with connections to Apple Health, Fitbit, Withings, and more. 
  • No development time is needed from your engineering or product teams to launch a custom, branded mobile app experience – designed by experts in mobile engagement
  • Nudge will provide all technical support and maintenance for your app, and you can manage users, view data, and adjust the in-app experience from an easy-to-use admin panel.

To understand the full value of a mobile user experience, I recommend starting with how mobile apps can grow user engagement within your program or solution; and, then come back so I can tell you about this unique offering. But before I do, you might be wondering…

Who (Or What) Is Nudge?

Nudge is a mobile engagement platform that makes it easier to launch a customized app for your audience.

We’ve helped hundreds of companies launch either online coaching or member engagement programs, and thousands of businesses have used our platform. 

In recent years we’ve learned a great deal about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to launching new programs and mobile engagement apps.  

In fact, we’ve put together a separate post sharing a few of the most important lessons we’ve learned about how to be successful at user engagement. And, every bit of that experience is built directly into the new offering we’ve made available with Validic’s mobile libraries and platform connections.

About the Validic-Nudge Solution.

Jointly, we recognized some health and wellness organizations need the quick ability to add a mobile experience to their solution or program. They may not have space on the roadmap or the experienced iOS and Android developers to execute. To help those companies and teams, the Nudge platform, armed with the health integrations powered by Validic, would be an ideal fit for companies that need a more turnkey, customized, and proven member engagement experience for health and wellness programs.

Instead of dedicating or hiring internal resources to build against Validic’s set of SDK libraries, which enable integrations like Apple HealthKit, Google Fit, and other leading mobile health apps, the Validic-Nudge offering has these integrations already built into an elegant user experience.

Furthermore, the mobile app can be matched to your member engagement strategy by enabling the creation of customized daily tracking tools, building rich program content into the app, creating social forums to drive peer-to-peer engagement, and more.

Each of these options can be managed from an easy-to-use admin panel, while technical support is provided by the Nudge team. 

This page provides a great summary of the options you can explore.

The Value to Your Organization

Do you have a population of members, clients, or employees that you need to engage remotely in programming to address health or wellness needs?

If so, and your organization either has limited development resources, limited time to launch a member engagement solution, or inexperience implementing mobile engagement solutions, the Validic-Nudge solution is worth exploring.

  • Requires no dedicated development resources aside from optional SSO integration, which can save your organization months of time and thousands of dollars in resource allocation.
  • Creates a predictable timeline to launch, removing uncertainty, and letting your team dedicate their focus to program planning and promotion.
  • Removes support and maintenance from the equation giving you a battle-tested platform with top-of-the-line performance, uptime, a dedicated support team, and bug-fixes and improvements happening all the time.

It’s an old entrepreneurial adage that projects take twice as long and three times as much to get off the ground as you think. If you like the idea of feeling confident that you will, indeed, launch an effective mobile engagement solution on budget and on schedule, contact a Validic representative or email hello@validic.com to explore this new option. You can also learn more here.

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