One of the most common issues raised to Validic’s™ technical support team is as a result of end users mistakenly disconnecting their device connection. After reviewing several of these cases, our support team has found a common trend causing this issue — which can be avoided through additional education of the end user.

When an end user initially connects their device through the Validic marketplace, they often expect to immediately be able to see all available data. In many cases, however, some data may take some time to be available.

Data retrieval for any given end user can be broken into two broad categories: new data and historical data. 

For new data — that is, data a user has just logged — each integrated device or manufacturer makes the data records available differently. Some vendors make the data available to Validic for retrieval almost immediately, while others allow the data to be retrieved periodically (e.g. every hour). Validic works with each vendor to capture the data as frequently as possible.

For historical data, there are two crucial timeframes to consider. First is the amount of historical data retrieved (e.g. 6 months) and second is how long it takes to retrieve all the historical data (e.g. 24 hours).

Because historical data often takes several hours to fully retrieve, end users often think a device connection is not working correctly, since they don’t immediately see all the data they are expecting. Some of our customers have found a solution to minimize end users’ confusion — by displaying a status message before the user connects a device advising them that the retrieval of all their data may take several hours. By taking this simple step, end users will often stay connected while waiting for their historical data to arrive. 

Validic has put together knowledge base articles to help clarify the data retrieval timeframes for each vendor.

For our original API, use the following link: Data Retrieval Times (Original API)
For our Inform Streaming API, use the following link: Data Retrieval Times (Inform Streaming API)
In each article, the columns are:

  • App: The vendor of the device or app
  • Object or Resource: The data type being retrieved
  • Expected Time for New Data to Arrive: For each vendor, the typical maximum time for new data to become available for you to retrieve for your user
  • Historical Data: For each vendor, the amount of historical data that will be retrieved when a user first connects a device
  • Historical Data Completion Time: For each vendor, the amount of time it takes to retrieve all the historical data

If you have further questions about how to use this information to better set expectations with your end users regarding data retrieval timeframes, please us know by emailing

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