Integrate biometric and physiologic data from Bluetooth devices, Apple Health, and non-connected medical devices into your native mobile experience.

Validic’s Mobile Libraries provide a few lines of code to embed directly into your native mobile experiences. Supporting both Android and iOS applications, Validic Mobile allows you to passively-collect data from Bluetooth Smart devices, the Apple Health app and Watch, and non-connected medical devices. Users of both the Validic Inform and the Validic Impact platforms can incorporate Validic Mobile into their program and app design. A mobile application is required for use of these libraries.


Validic provides access to passively-collected data from dozens of in-home medical devices – such as blood pressure cuffs, bodyweight scales, thermometers, and heart rate monitors – via Bluetooth Low Energy connections. The mobile library for Bluetooth connections can be embedded into an organization’s native mobile iOS and Android applications. A mobile experience is required for access to data from Bluetooth devices through the Validic Inform and Impact platforms.


Validic provides access to the full breadth of data captured by Apple’s Health application and the Apple Watch device. You can add HealthKit support to your iOS application with only a few lines of code from the Validic Mobile Libraries. Validic standardizes and normalizes the Apple Health data to an easily digestible format, and to ensure organizations receive a consistent data format from the Validic API regardless of the source. A mobile experience is required for use of Apple Health through the Inform and Impact platforms.


Validic’s patent-pending Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology provides easy access to data from non-connected devices, such as off-the-shelf blood glucose meters that do not have an API, Bluetooth connection, or means to download/upload the data in a digital format. Using the camera on a smartphone, VitalSnap captures and records information from device’s display screen – digitizing and uploading the data in real-time to the Validic API. This capture-and-digitize technology can be embedded in any native mobile app.

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