Yesterday, Validic™ CEO Drew Schiller hosted a webinar on key connected health trends to watch for in 2018. As he mentioned, there has been a large movement recently — and one that we will continue to see over the coming years– in shifting acute care away from the hospital and into the home. Given the growth of digital health solutions for activities that were once confined to the hospital, there are a few trends Drew expects to see in the coming year:

    1. Successful early remote monitoring programs for managing chronic diseases are laying the groundwork for new standards of care;
    1. Value-based care and new reimbursement mechanisms are helping drive continued progress toward Advanced Payment Models;
    1. Growing healthcare professional shortages, largely physicians, are driving the need for increased workforce productivity;
    1. Evolving consumer expectations are compelling providers to leverage new technologies;
  1. Wide-scale availability of affordable, connected home health devices are enabling patient-generated data delivery into the clinical workflow.

With these themes permeating the healthcare market in the coming year, organizations should take steps to incorporate digital health plans into strategy in order to stay ahead of the curve. To learn more about how 2018’s connected health trends can have an impact on the larger healthcare industry, read the white paper or watch the webinar on-demand below:

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