A patient, a provider, and a technologist walk into a hospital. What do they have to say about the state of remote care programs today and the impact of data-driven care management? Find out.

During the webinar, three stakeholders – including a patient with type 2 diabetes, a provider who designed and managed remote care programs, and a health technologist specializing in data workflows and analytics – share their perspectives on the value that patient-generated health data (PGHD) and digital health devices offer remote care programs.

The three also shared practical guidance on:

  • Best practices for implementing and scaling a remote care program with digital tools
  • How best to engage and empower patients with data-driven remote care programs

View the webinar on-demand now to hear from a patient discussing their firsthand experience participating in a remote care program, as well as the perspectives of a technologist and provider on the implementation and operation of such programs.


  • Drew Schiller, CEO, Validic™
  • Steve Van, Patient Advocate
  • Martin Entwistle, President and CEO, Ares Health Systems

And, stay tuned for blog posts from these three stakeholders, as they answer additional questions about their experiences with remote care programs.

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