Health care consumers expect to be engaged in their health not only in the doctor’s office but in their everyday life. 

This week, Drew Schiller, Validic CEO, and Roberto Roitz, Humana Director of Strategic Partnerships, came together during an AHIP webinar to discuss industry benchmarks, best practices, and market guidance driving care beyond the clinical and meeting ever-evolving consumer expectations.

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Today, millions of consumers are turning to wearables, apps, and digital services that help them better manage their lifestyle. During the webinar, the two discussed how organizations are integrating digital tools and experiences deeply into their offerings – proving that in order to meet the growing expectations of consumers, organizations must offer digital-first experiences. 

“By bringing personal health data, home health information, and clinical guidelines together into a common interface, technology and healthcare professionals can better guide consumers on healthy choices and help them make the right decisions,” says Schiller. 

Trends in continuous monitoring programs powered by personal health data are paving the way for organizations to build a model of care delivered in the home, from the phone, or on-the-go. 

“We need to think about how we can know our members better, assist them anywhere and help them faster,” says Roitz. “New innovations and shifting consumer expectations are putting new demands on companies determined to lead.”

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