Clinically Proven SleepImage ® System

The first step to healthier living isn’t just getting more sleep—it’s getting quality sleep. So forget about gadgets and apps that just estimate how long you’ve slept. It’s time to get real, FDA-cleared(1) objective data about how well you’re sleeping.

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We know sleep – we have been a leader in the clinical sleep diagnostic market for close to 20 years. SleepImage is a patented2 and FDA-cleared, low cost, medically-actionable system that identifies sleep dysfunction and measures sleep quality. SleepImage has easy-to-understand biometrics with automated analysis so the clinician can view and share patient reports, all on a secure HIPAA-compliant website.

SleepImage measures sleep through the autonomic nervous system instead of a multitude of sensors to measure surface activity, enabling SleepImage to provide objective, clinical rationale to identify individuals who have indications of severe, moderate or minimal sleep issues.

  • Presents a Sleep Quality Index™ (SQI™)
  • Physiological traces (HRV, ECG, Snore, Actigraphy)
  • Correlates to Delta wave sleep (slow wave sleep)
  • Dynamic Tracking and Trending for therapy efficacy
  • Cleared for Adults and Pediatrics

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Understanding sleep is critical for effective preventive care, and improving chronic diseases as sleep is an overall predictor of health and wellness.

Fatigue Risk Management – Transportation, Mining, Military, Healthcare workers
Consumer Health & Wellness – Preventative health
Occupational Health – Executive health, Elite athletes, Employee wellness
Government, Military, NASA – PTSD / TBI, Fatigue Risk Management
Telemedicine – Cloud-based analysis, sharing and reporting

If your business collects ECG or PPG measurements and want to add clinically proven sleep to your platform, please contact us at


1 Not an endorsement by the FDA of any product or service offered by SleepImage

2 Technology developed by Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, a teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School, and validated in peer reviewed clinical studies.

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