Validic API Sample Data

Following is a quick overview of the Validic API so you and your team can make some sample calls and see what it’s all about.

You can view the Validic API documentation here:

Sample credentials:

Sample Organization ID: 566eeeb1656434001c0000e5
Sample Organization Access Token: ENTERPRISE_KEY

Sample User ID: 5670645b96014ca88c000059
Sample User Access Token: RXua23DynuTR9kdyB9Az

Our REST API is easy to integrate and returns standard JSON data. All sample calls below are GET requests.

1. Enterprise bulk data:

2. User data (direct call):

3. User data, namespaced under Organization:

4. Implementing the Validic marketplace:

Validic provides a “default” marketplace view:

We also provide some endpoints to build the marketplace natively in your system. This allows for inclusion in native iOS/Android apps as well as web portals: RXua23DynuTR9kdyB9Az

Next Steps

Once we move forward with an agreement, we will provision Sandbox and Production credentials for you.

While using the Sample Data to test API calls, please do no refresh, delete or suspend a user.

If you have any questions, please contact

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