As healthcare organizations work to support larger populations with a variety of complex conditions, they must identify strategies for care delivery that effectively scale across disease states and populations while integrating seamlessly into existing workflows. In working toward building programs of care that support more patients with fewer resources, organizations are scaling remote patient monitoring (RPM) to enable care teams to provide proactive interventions and comprehensive condition management to improve health outcomes.

A Frost & Sullivan report released today identified significant shifts have occurred in the RPM market over the past 12 months. Providers and payers today seek RPM solutions that can cost-effectively scale across the enterprise to support system-wide, multi-condition deployments for care management programs. Among payer and provider demands for RPM solutions today are:

  • integration of RPM capabilities and data into existing clinical systems; 
  • broad, non-manufacturer specific device support; 
  • deep access to physiologic and lifestyle data; and
  • the ability to deploy programs, regardless of condition, within existing workflows.

Organizations today require solutions that serve the entirety of their population – from high risk to rising risk and diabetes to hypertension. In the report, Frost & Sullivan identified Validic Impact as a market leader in delivering an RPM solution with these key differentiating features which ultimately enable care teams to spend less time checking in with patients and more time providing care to those who need it most.

Validic Impact’s platform-first approach to RPM sets it apart from condition-specific solutions that only cater to a single disease, like diabetes or hypertension. And, by offering broad device offerings and comprehensive data integration – from nearly 400 devices regardless of manufacturer or developer – the platform enables organizations to garner deeper insights about patients outside the clinical setting, from activity data to blood glucose to weight. Validic Impact eliminates RPM care gaps by capturing, curating, and processing patient-generated health data directly into electronic health records and other care management programs cost-effectively. 

Providers are integrating Validic Impact directly into the electronic health record (EHR), while payers are opting to integrate into existing care management or custom-built solutions. Enabling remote monitoring capabilities within existing systems and workflows, Validic Impact enhances rather than detracts from substantial investments made in enterprise-wide solutions like the EHR. Frost & Sullivan’s report noted that this integration improved the clinician experience – proven by direct physician feedback and net promoter scores (NPS) – as it allowed them to work within existing workflows, streamlining processes and saving time.

In tailoring care management programs to the patient managing diabetes, the patient managing hypertension and CHF, and the patient who simply wants to better manage their lifestyle, it is critical that RPM solutions offer the necessary flexibility to fit a variety of populations – all while delivering valuable, contextual data so providers can act accordingly to help patients improve their health. To learn more, read the press release.

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