Validic REST API

The Validic API is designed to enable a simple, standardized connection between healthcare companies and mobile health and wellness apps and devices. Validic captures a user's fitness activities and health measurements over time. Each activity and measurement contains a timestamp and a note about which integration was used to track the activity.

A core aspect of the Validic API is to vastly increase the speed of integration between mHealth app developers and healthcare business. Additionally, Validic provides critical enterprise features needed by healthcare companies that are not usually provided as a core service by app developers. These features include:

  1. HIPAA/PHI Compliance
    Validic eliminates concerns regarding the transfer of protected health information (PHI), as all data stored in and transferred through Validic follows the “Safe Harbor” de-identification standard.
  2. Standardized Endpoints
    App developers and Healthcare Companies rarely speak the same language. The Validic REST API translates to something both sides can understand.
  3. Full 3rd Party API Access
    In addition to standardized endpoints, Validic offers the ability to access endpoints that fall outside our standards. For example, Nike+ fuel is not a standard Validic endpoint, but there is a way to expose that data.
  4. Reduced Workload
    Healthcare companies are focused on increasing engagement and improving population health. App developers are focused on building compelling apps. Validic allows both parties to remain focused on their core competency by building and maintaining app connections, aggregating data, and managing system updates.
  5. Easy connectivity
    The Validic health app marketplace allows for a simple, one-to-many connection for healthcare businesses and app developers alike.

If your company is wishing to connect with 100+ mHealth apps and devices Validic makes it simple. Get started below, and if you have any questions, contact us.

Validic Organizations and How They Work

An Organization is a collection of Validic users. An Organization typically represents a company that delivers the Validic marketplace through its web portal. Each Organization has its own authentication credentials consisting of an Organization ID and Organization Access Token.

An Organization can have "Child" Organizations, which are Organizations that "belong" to the primary or "Parent" Organization. This allows for companies that deliver Validic to multiple customers through a web portal to segment users and provide a unique branding experience. Child Organizations and credentials are usually created and delivered during the implementation process. To request additional Child Organization credentials, please contact us.

All Organization-level API calls must include the Organization’s ID and Organization Access Token.

Organization Overview

To get an overview of an Organization and its Child Organizations:

  "summary": {
  }, "organizations": {
    "_id": "516828cf6deddabe51000001",
    "name": "Sample Organization",
    "users": 25442,
    "users_provisioned": 83211,
    "activities": 453298,
    "connections": 38749,
    "organizations": [
        "_id": "516828df6deddabe51000004",
        "name": "Child Org 1",
        "users": 11892,
        "users_provisioned": 31923,
        "activities": 212783,
        "connections": 17453,
        "organizations": []
      }, {
        "_id": "516828df6deddabe51000008",
        "name": "Child Org 2",
        "users": 11529,
        "users_provisioned": 48384,
        "activities": 240515,
        "connections": 21296,
        "organizations": []

Organization Overview Params

Field Type Description
name String The name of the Organization. Used primarily for internal identification rather than public display.
users Integer The number of users under an Organization with one or more apps connected. This number is aggregate for an Organization and its Child Organizations.
users_provisioned Integer The total number of users with a provisioned Validic account (including those without one or more apps connected). This number is aggregate for an Organization and its Child Organizations.
activities Integer A running total of all activities logged under an Organization. This number is aggregate for an Organization and its Child Organizations.
connections Integer The number of live connections between an Organization's users and their apps. This number is aggregate for an Organization and its Child Organizations.


For developers, each Validic Organization includes at least one application. The application enables developers to create, read, update, and delete objects under their organization